42nd Annual 

Horse Farm Hundred

Sunday, October 22nd

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 42nd Annual 

Horse Farm Hundred

Sunday,October 22nd

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Sunday Rides



Horse Farm Hundred

A tour through the picturesque horse farms of northern Marion county.

The century will start at 8:30 am at the First Magnitude Brewery. Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies will lead out the pace vehicle, followed by hundreds of charging cyclists. Expect cohesive packs in to the first rest stop in Flemington.

The rides proceed through the north Marion County horse farms, past miles of wooden fences surrounding manicured pastures, many with prancing thoroughbreds who will occasionally race you along the fence. Early riders may catch a jockey working out the next triple crown winner on one of the practice race tracks along the route.

Near the end of the ride, you’ll pass through Paynes Prairie State Park, crossing over the prairie, a wild expanse that hosts wild buffalos and horses.

Bagels and muffins will be available at the start, and pizza at the finish. The century uses two loops south from Flemington, where we will have snacks and sandwiches available. (You can do a shorter 77/78 mile ride by leaving off one of the south loops.)

Ride With GPS Full Route



Horse Farm Tours

The Horse Farm Tours start in Flemington on CR 329 (Interstate 75 CR 318 exit). Registration will be open till 9 am. If you want to start with a group, we’ll send you off at 8:30 am. Otherwise, you can start whenever you wish.

With 23, 24, and 47 mile routes to choose from, there should be a distance to satisfy everyone in the family. The terrain that you will encounter as you wind through the horse farms is rolling. If you are from the coast, it will be a different challenge than just riding over the odd canal bridge. But many of you will want to make frequent stops to take in the scenery, and perhaps have a conversation with a horse.

Bagels and muffins will be available at the start, and hot dogs at the finish.

Back in the early 90’s all of our Horse Farm rides started in Gainesville. But we noticed that a significant group of riders would register, get in their cars, and drive twenty five miles into the ride, and only do the middle part. They were smart, because that is the most scenic part! Those riding shorter rides from Gainesville don’t see any horses. So several years ago we set up a registration table at the first rest stop, so now you don’t have to go to Gainesville at all if you are riding one of these leisurely tours!

There are two loops to choose from. Ride both to get the longer distance.

23 Mile Route24 Mile Route47 Mile Route




If you are in a rush, the 54 mile RUSH will get you out fast with the century pack (but few horses). This ride starts at the First Magnitude Brewery, with the Horse Farm Hundred, but just as you get to the horse farms it returns to Gainesville. The ride is designed for local Gainesville riders and others who want the experience of heading south in the large century pack, but don’t want to do the full century.

As with the century, there will be bagels and muffins available before the start, and pizza at the finish, along with the rest stop at the half way point.

Ride With GPS Rush Route



Gravel Meander

Start in Flemington for lots of pretty, quiet mixed surface country roads. Many are paved with chip seal, or regressing to gravel due to neglect. Others are hard packed dirt under gorgeous oak canopies. There are scenic views of horse farms, Orange Lake, and two quaint little old towns. There are a few challenging hills. The route can be done on an endurance or touring bike with 28s or wider, or on a hardtail MTB, although a gravel bike probably works best.

47 Mile Route

Photo by Cathy Bester @besterphoto

Photo by Cathy Bester @besterphoto

Photo by Cathy Bester @besterphoto

Week of the Ride


Online registration before Wednesday midnight. GCC Members pay $60

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Early Bird


The Registration fee for Gainesville Cycling Club members is $45

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Event Day


$60 for members. If you do not preregister, hand printed forms at the ride are $80 for everybody

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To First Magnitude Brewery

Sunday Century/Rush Ride Start Location
1220 SE Veitch St

From I-75:
Take Exit 382, Williston Road (SR 121-SR 331), the southern most Gainesville exit. Follow SR 331 East to Main Street. Turn left. After about 1 1/2 miles, the assembly area will be on the right.

From I-10:
If you come to I-75, take it and go South, following the above directions.
If you come to US 301 at Baldwin (exit 343), exit and turn right to go South on US 301. Strictly obey speed limits in the small towns along US 301. At Waldo, bear right onto SR 24. At University Avenue (SR 26), turn right to go West. At Main St, turn left and go about a mile. The assembly area will be on your left.

From central Gainesville:
Find University Avenue (SR 26) and proceed to Main Street. Turn South on Main St and go about a mile. The assembly area will be on your left.

See Parking Information

To Flemington Community Park

Sunday Horse Farm Tours Start Location
18200 N Hwy 329, Flemington FL 32667

From I-75:
Take Exit 368, CR 318, and go West on CR 318. At the four way stop with CR 329 in Flemington, turn right to go North. The park will be on your left.
Take Exit 374, CR 234 in Micanopy. Go West/South (turn right from southbound exit). Just as you get to Flemington, the park will be on your right.


Day of ride registration and packet pick-up

Many of our registration folks ride! We close new/unpaid registrations at 8:15 on Saturday and Sunday at the century start locations, and packet pickup at 8:25 at those locations.

Oct 20

Northwest Boys & Girls Club
2700 NW 51st Street

Oct 21

Northwest Boys & Girls Club
2700 NW 51st Street

Oct 22

First Magnitude Brewery
1220 SE Veitch St

Oct 22

Flemington, FL
CR 329


  • Maps will be provided and the routes will be well marked.
  • Bananas will be available at the starts and rest stops will be provided about every 25 miles with drinks, fruits and snacks.
  • The half way rest stop will have sandwiches for lunch.
  • Sag wagons will be on course and following the last riders.
  • Massages may be available for a fee at all ride start locations.
  • Food will be served to all riders after the rides at the Northwest Boys & Girls Club, First Magnitude Brewery, and at Flemington.

Please make your own arrangements if you have special dietary needs.


 Helmets are required! All riders are expected to follow all traffic laws while on public roadways. Riders should ride at a steady speed in a straight line and as far to the right as practical. Stay Alert! A defensive riding attitude will help prevent many accidents.

All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while participating in the events.

  • The centuries are mass starts with police escorts. Stay behind the escort.
  • Don’t ride more than two abreast. When traffic must slow to move around you, ride single file. [Florida Statutes 316.2065 (6)]
  • Don’t bunch up at intersections or on hills.
  • Signal when you change lanes, slow down, or stop.
  • When passing someone, call out “on your left.” Florida Law requires that you give three feet of clearance.
  • Your bicycle should be in good mechanical order. Carry tools, a spare tube, a patch kit, and a tire pump. Sag service will be concentrated toward the end of the ride and will have limited repair capability.
  • Remember that these are tours and not competitive rides. Go as fast as you wish but do not jeopardize others in doing so.


There is a $5 handling fee for cancellation requests received before October 19th. No cancellations after October 18th. If a special shirt was ordered, we may elect to send it to you and deduct the cost from your refund.

Facility Scheduled Hours of Operation

If we determine that there are no more riders to service, a facility will close early.

Santa Fe Century
Northwest Boys & Girls Club 6:30 am 5:30 pm
Millhopper Road 8:45 am 10 am
Bland 9:30 am 11:30 am
Watermelon Park 10:00 am 1 pm
Worthington Springs 10:30 am 3:30 pm
Desoto Park (Hague) 10 am 5 pm
Horse Farm Hundred
First Magnitude Brewery 7 am 5:30 pm
Flemington Community Park 7 am 3 pm

Festival T-Shirts

We will place the order for this year’s t-shirts on Friday, October 6, so order cut-off is Thursday, October 5 We’ll order extra’s of standard t-shirts in sizes XS through XL. If we receive any orders for special order shirts after that, we’ll fill them with standard shirts while they last.

Planned Shirts for 2023
From Gildan, we have cotton shirts for both men and women.

From Sport-Tek, we have technical shirts for both men and women, sleeveless shirts for both men and women, and long sleeve shirts for both men and women.

Beer Rules

Beer will be available for riders completing a Santa Fe ride at the North West Boys and Girls Club on Saturday.

First Magnitude Brewing Company is providing beer to riders completing a Horse Farm ride on Sunday.

To claim yours, you will need to have your blue Santa Fe wrist band / yellow Horse Farm Hundred wrist band on your wrist. The server will cut if off and keep it for inventory purposes.

Wrist bands that are not on YOUR wrist or have already been cut will not be good for claiming a beer!

Lodging & Camping

For motels convenient to both the Northwest Boys & Girls Club and First Magnitude, look at motels located in the center of town near the University of Florida. If you are riding from Flemington on Sunday, motels along I-75 will be more convenient. If you are riding only the Santa Fe Century, either I-75 or campus area motels will work. If you are riding only from First Magnitude, campus area and downtown motels are closest.


Visit Gainesville web site which has a listing of most accommodations in Alachua County.

More Info


There are camping facilities at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy on US 441.

More Info


Any donations will go to a charity of your choice:

Peaceful Paths – Peaceful Paths is the certified domestic violence center that serves survivors of domestic violence in Alachua, Bradford, and Union counties. Peaceful Paths provides a wide range of services including emergency shelter, 24-hour helpline, victim advocacy, children’s programming, education and training, crisis counseling and support groups, community awareness and intervention, and violence prevention programs. Peaceful Paths is a member of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV).

Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida – If this isn’t your first GCF, you’ll remember that the Santa Fe Century rolls out from the Northwest location of the Boys & Girls Club. The festival has raised money for this organization for the past 27 years.

Since 1949, Alachua County Boys & Girls Club has provided positive educational, recreational, leadership, and sports programming for youth via quality after-school programs, summer camp, and additional afternoon programming during the summer for all Club members.

Gainesville Cycling Club’s Bikes 4 Vets – Bikes 4 Vets is one of the club’s service groups that connects local veterans with a reliable form of transportation: the bicycle. The group, led by Diann Dimitri, accepts donation bikes to rehabilitate for veterans or resell for funds to purchase bike parts, lights, and locks. Diann works with the Honor Center for Veterans to distribute the bicycles as part of the veterans’ re-entry into the community. Apart from acting as an efficient means of transportation, veterans benefit from the joy of riding for recreation on many of Gainesville’s trails and bike paths.

Safety & Best Practices

Due to COVID-19, we recommend following CDC guidelines on protecting yourself and others:

  • Wash your hands often. It’s difficult to do this while outside riding, so hand sanitizer or wipes that contain at least 60% alcohol also work for keeping your hands clean.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Bring a mask for any situations that you might not be able to physically distance from others. Ex: Convenience store or restaurant stops before, during, or after your ride.
  • Monitor your health and watch for symptoms - get tested for the virus regularly if testing is accessible.
  • If you are riding in a group, ride with household members or trusted riding partners who communicate their risk factors with you.

Bicycle Colorado has a great resource on safely Riding Bikes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

General Safety Tips for Your Ride

  • Make sure your bike gets regular maintenance to ensure a smooth ride, especially if you plan on riding a longer distance.
  • Follow traffic laws and be visible. Many of the roads from our Santa Fe Century and Horse Farm Hundred routes are shared with motorists.
  • Carry tools and supplies such as a flat repair kit and multi-tool.
  • Let family members or friends know about your ride plans, when to expect you back, and how to contact you - our virtual festival will not have SAG vehicles!
  • Bring an appropriate amount of nutrition and hydration for your intended ride.

Mailing address

Gainesville Cycling Club, Inc.
5015 NW 19th Place
Gainesville FL 32605-3435

For more information contact us via email at festival@gccfla.org

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